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Older Worker Friendly Companies



We know there has to be older worker friendly companies in America who deserve to be recognized and supported by consumers of all ages.

Help us identify these companies to allow them to enjoy the vast buying power of older workers and their families.

These smartly run companies have realized the high value of retaining or adding older workers to their organizations.   

  • Older workers' loyalty to a company who employs them can mean a product or service gets out the door as planned, on schedule and most importantly, as promised.
  • Issues get solved instead of landing on the boss' desk as a now major issue for a variety of reasons that a younger worker decided was more important than earning a paycheck. 
  • Possible mentorship to younger workers where the example of the pride taken in getting the job done is the priority instead of playing on the computer, texting or running their mouth on a cell phone on company time.
  • Less money may be allocated for customer service training, confidence building, employee retention and employee turnover.

While many companies are pushing older workers out or not even allowing them in the door, our visitors can post the names of older worker friendly companies in the Comment System shown below.


Use The Comment System Below To Help Identify Older Worker Friendly Companies 

  • Add The Names of Older Worker Friendly Companies 
  • Feel free to add comments to discuss these great companies
  • Our opinion is that we as older workers respected by these companies should, along with our families, purchase the services and products offered by these companies. Why give our money to companies who fire or disrespect older workers? Your thoughts...


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